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This program is designed for women who wish to have control over their emotions and achieve their dreams by taking one step at a time. This program unlocks the mental key towards knowing how women can convey their emotions and thoughts in a manner that is understood clearly by everyone.

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I am Gemini Dhar


I want to share a story with you. There was a little girl who always aspired to do something wonderful, something extraordinary in life. When anyone asked her, “I want to be a Mother” One October morning, life took a drastic turn. Her biggest inspiration the most amazing person she ever knew, her hero, her dad passed way. That girl was me and I was 16 years old at that time. Like every father, my dad protected my family and now he was gone. From a demanding daughter I had turned into the breadwinner for my family. I had no clue on how I would survive in the world. But I knew one thing that I had excel in whatever I do.



I been working with India since 1980 with my own company. During 1992 I´ll came in contact with Gemini Panchal, who was working as designer/sourcer for an Indian buying office, where I bought from. Gemini and I got along very well, so I ´ll invited her to come to Sweden to work with me, so she could see the other side of the buisness as well and to learn how buying was proceeding from our custumers point of view. The work was in helping designing, following up orders, deliveries was comming in time. Our custumers were designers, chainstores (for ex H & M), mailorder catalogues etc.. she stayed in Sweden for a couple of months in Stockholm and as well travelled around with me in Scandinavia. After gone back to India ,Gemini was now my face in India, she took care of designing, developments, special instructions from buyers and looking after so delieveris was in time. We worked together for a couple of years. I can highly recommend Gemini Panchal,who had the eyes and the ears to see what was needed and her polite way to meet custumers was absolutly the very best.

Gunilla Elm Stockholm, Sweden

Hollywood star, Diva, Model, Buying Agent, Miss Sweden.
Meghna Prem

Gemini Dhar is a dynamic & an engaging speaker. I instantly connected with her, the first time I met her. She exudes a positive aura and a genuine willingness to go out of the way to help everyone around her. I was touched by her warmth and passion for positivity. Having met her at many occasions, I always felt she had the spark, the enthusiasm & the spirit to embark on this journey of transforming people’s lives through her life story, experiences & body of work. It is a pleasure to know Gemini, a woman who is not just a charming & confident professional but also beautifully takes care of her mother & her lovely children. She dons quite a few hats and is adept at doing all of this. I wish you

It has been a real pleasure to read Gemini Dhar’s book “ 9 ways to empower women”. It is an insightful, inspiring & a though provoking book. With all that Gemini has gone through in her life & her experiences, the book motivates that anyone can rise above their challenges and create a successful life.  I like the book for it’s personal and realistic approach.  It is easy to read and written for anyone wanting to put their dreams into action.  I would highly recommend this book because it is motivating & lifts your spirits. I rarely get to see women helping other women & this has been by far the most common phenomenon since eons, be it homes or work places. I am absolutely glad that Gemini has chosen to empower women because only an empowered women can rise above insecurities, jealously & dependency.

Meghna Prem

Creative Consultant & Strategist, Content Curator & Writer
I want to wish Gemini Dhar the success that is well deserved through hard work, good intent and taking India's reputation to future heights of future glory

Wendell Rodricks

Fashion Designer, Writer, Environmental Activist
Ms Gemini Panchal is known to me  since the time she was a student at the  PremlilaVithaldas Polytechnic. Juhu Tara Road, Santacruz (W) Mumbai . She was a very sincere, hard working,down to earth student and had all the patience required to get into the Fashion and Garment industry on graduation. She has been a self made business woman who worked as a visiting faculty at CEPZ Institute of Fashion Technology, Andheri, Mumbai  from 1996 to1999where I was the Founder Principal and later at L S Raheja College of Fashion Technology, Worli, Mumbai from 1999 to 2003 where  I was the Director. She has grown tremendously in her profession as a designer (designing for many well known brands egkalaNiketan and Sheetal clothing) and a merchandiser. She got well established in the Garment Industry from 1995 climbing the ladder of success with her business skills. I am happy to state that Ms Gemini Panchal has made her faculty and colleagues proud of her achievements and I wish her all the success in her future professional growth as well as in her personal life.

Geeta Castelino

Social Psychologist, Educationist, Art and Design Manangement Consultant, CSR Advisor for Corporates and NGOs
Gemini's wisdom and enthusiasm makes her a powerful trainer. Her training has brought forth new possibilities for me. I can say with conviction that her woman empowerment program will help you enhance the quality of your life.


gigna tanna
Gemini Dhar. An amazing human and an awesome mom. Learnt the power of patience and focus from her. Her seminars are power packed and very insightful. Love her from the bottom of my heart.


Gemini's approach the life has been simplified so that anyone can task her simple transformational advice to make their life amazing,




I trained under famous celebrity
designers and this helped me earn fame and recognition.
Armed with knowledge and creativity I had nurtured
I decided to start my own business.
The most amazing and most challenging aspect of fashion designing
has always been to turn creative ideas into commercially viable results.
This was my fuel that kept me driven and got my business flourishing.


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